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OTC - October 31, 2013, 1:36 pm
Her premiums went up so she can get health related items, like brea$t pumps
StoneTools - October 30, 2013, 1:29 pm
“Blue Cross also tells me that if I don’t pick one of the options, they will just a**ume I want the one for $647. … Someone please tell me why my premium in January will be $356 more than in December?”
StoneTools - October 30, 2013, 1:28 pm
she was paying $291 a month with a $3,500 deductible as of Sept. 1, Now I can have a plan with similar benefits for $647.12 [or] I can have a plan with similar [but higher] pricing for $322.32 but with a $6,500 deductible"

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